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No matter your age, through the act of playing, we encourage you to connect with your inner child to refine and enhance basic life skills in the purest sense.


The Eyes Wide Project was founded by
Nivey Nocher

Nivey moved to London from Sri Lanka with her family to escape civil war and has had her feet in two worlds studying the arts and sciences from an early age. For over three decades she has been feeding a limitless love for movement and the philosophies bound to her practice. Specifically, in Bharatanatyam, Capoeira, and Yoga.

Nivey gained her Bachelor’s degree in Genetics and her Master’s degree in Public Health and currently works as an Executive Vice President leading the healthcare business for a global communications firm in London. She is a senior health communications strategist with a wealth of experience in delivering integrated brand strategies, global advocacy campaigns and public health and development programmes across the globe. ​

She is a firm believer in exploring all the dimensions that make us who we are and finding outlets to express our truest nature. She publishes poetry and runs workshops that encourage people from all walks of life to gain confidence and find their own power through exploring multiple artistic forms related to movement, dance and words.​

Outside of corporate life, Nivey can be found in the studio playing, teaching, creating and writing. Her most cherished memories of play involve her brother who was a master of childhood mischief growing up. His reign has now been handed over to her 6-year-old daughter.

Nivey running
Nivey doing yoga
Nivey doing capoeira

Our programmes and workshops

We provide vibrant learning and development programmes and workshops that explore social, political, and cultural issues through play.

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